We have had Plastic Surgery

It took more time than it should have and was not the cheap route to follow.
But we are doing it anyway for the health and wellness of the planet, and our people.

Our bodies are made of mostly water and we know that your body needs good water. Not only, but especially in a spa or health care setting.
Low-contact and contact-free guidelines mean that for a while we cannot serve our traditional cucumber and orange infused filtered spa water. Yes. We hear your sighs. We miss it too!
The easy-to-arrange and least expensive alternative to accommodate for this is to provide our guests with small plastic water bottles. In good conscience though we could not contribut to an already very big problem that just keeps on getting bigger.

The Plastic Surgery Project

In order to minimize our plastic footprint, we have made the move to Boxed Water. Yes, it costs us more but our goal is wellness for the planet and our people and in the long term it makes cents.
  • Water in a box is BPA free water.
  • Cartons are 92% plant-based and brand depending even the cap is made from trees or sugarcane.
  • If the carton ends up in a landfill it decomposes within 2 to 6 months, without releasing chemicals that affect soil or groundwater quality.
  • The container is not a designated single use item like a plastic water bottle is, but is safely reusable.

Plastic water bottles may seem like a cheap option at time of purchase but in the long run it costs everyone more.

Your wellness and best care is our first priority and protecting the health of the world we share directly affects that.

Water in a box is an easy resolution to adopt and in the long-term it makes sense and cents too.

Please join us in supporting the move away from plastic bottled water in spa, wellness and in hospital settings.

Why not plastic bottled water?

We recycle plastic right? Then why is 91% of plastic not recycled even when we take it to the recycling depot?

More than half the plastic now on Earth has been created since 2002, and plastic pollution is expected to double by 2030. Read about our Plastic Planet.

In January 2018 China stopped accepting USA plastic landfill for environmental reasons.

If recycling plastic works why are we shipping ours out of the country? Now that we can’t send it to China who are we sending it to? And who else?

Please join us in reducing our global Plastic Footprint