Greet The Day


Helping people affected by cancer live better and feel their best throughout their cancer journey.

Board of Directors

Johnnette du Rand Kelly, CMT, LE
Founding Director
Desmonette Hazly, CMT, MSW, PhD,
Integrative Care Committee Chair
Rob MacDonald, CMT
Becky Kuehn, LE
Catherine Bailey, MSW, LCSW

Advisory Board

Thérèse Duggan, RN, MPA
Thomas Farr, CPCU
Sandy Finestone, PsyD
Christine “Tinka” Hrountas, MD
Nandini Narayanan, MSW, LCSW, Reiki Master
Cheryl Taylor, EA

Founder’s Council

Scott Duncan, Founder
Christine “Tinka” Hrountas, MD
Donna Thompson
John Link, MD
James Waisman, MD
Nandini Narayanan, MSW, LCSW, Reiki Master

Educator Team

Sharon Bell
Lori Clark Collins
Johnnette du Rand
Karey Hazewinkel York
Adrianna Showalter
Sarah Hoeven
Rebecca Bruckner

Inpatient Massage Therapists

Tamara Bunge
Johnnette du Rand
Janna Gaston
Alison Fisher
Adrianna Showalter
Farah Siraj
Noriko Smith

Johnnette du Rand Kelly

Program Director, Founding Director

Raised on the east coast of South Africa Johnnette’s first experience of the benefits of massage for cancer patients was in 1994 following her mother’s diagnosis. With the objective to pay-forward the kindness her family had been beneficiary of during her mother’s illness she enrolled in a massage therapy training program, completed Hospice volunteer orientation, and began providing comfort-oriented massage for people nearing the end of life. Shortly after joining the massage therapy team at Spa Gregorie’s, Newport Beach, CA, in 2003, she became one of the first Greet The Day volunteers and is passionate about improving the quality of life and experience of cancer treatment for adults, children and families living with cancer.

Johnnette’s role within Greet The Day includes helping each therapist find his or her optimal pathway into the specialized area of integrative oncology care, and supporting the integration of massage therapy and skin care as standard care for people living with cancer.

Julie Rubin
Office and Administration

Julie is our go-to staff member for all aspects of Greet The Day office and administration. Her business experience includes positions in small-business management, nonprofit development and community relations. Julie’s role within Greet The Day is to ensure compliance requirements are in place and to support the development of education and patient service programs.

Dr. Desmonette Hazly
Board President, Integrative Health and Wellness Committee Chair

Desmonette holds graduate degrees in social work, public policy and a Ph.D. in International Politics and Policy. She has developed community health programs for the VA hospital in West Los Angeles, International Red Cross and UNICEF.

Dr Des was awarded a 2016/2017 fellowship to study international integrative health methods and arts in medicine and public health. She will be collaborating with medical and health care abroad and implementing integrative health programs for health and medical facilities throughout Southern California, including a dance-based health and wellness programming she is creating with the assistance of the dance department at Cerritos College.

Read Dr Des’s blogs about the Health Benefits of Herbs and Spices, the important role of mental health in coping with illness and as part of integrative care and how massage can be incorporated as part of hospice care, and provide support for the whole family.