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Professional Education

Approved Provder for the NCBTMB, S4OM & BRN, CA

Join our classes Live Online on Zoom. Hospitals and cancer centers currently remain closed to outside group programs so our in person therapist education will only resume in 2022.

Core Curriculum Programs Live Online

Oncology Massage Introduction
Learn how to safely work with people who have completed their cancer treatments and are at risk of lymphedema, one of the most frequently occurring long-term and late effects of cancer treatment. Program for massage therapists and estheticians. Link here.

Oncology Massage and Skin Care – Foundation Program
Learn about the massage, skin care and facial modifications required for people in or with a history of cancer treatment. Program for massage therapists, estheticians and allied healthcare professionals. Link here.

Do you need an Oncology Client Refresher?
Then join us for the review course for massage therapists and estheticians who have already completed the oncology Foundation program. This refresher program addresses the required massage and facial modifications for lymphedema or risk thereof, one of the most frequently occurring long-term and late effects of cancer treatment. NCBTMB and S4OM Approved Provider. Link here.

Greet The Day educators work in the field of oncology and spend most of their professional practice time working with clients who have a complex health history

Not all massage and skin care educators do that. Ours do.

Are you a licensed massage therapist or esthetician looking for a career working with oncology clients?

Visit the Career Mapping page for recommendations on the 100-Hour Specialist Certificate and Clinical Center career tracks

Reiki I
Reiki is offered as a complementary therapy by many hospitals and cancer centers. A Reiki session can elicit the relaxation response enhancing wellness on mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels. After a Reiki session people often say they have more energy and feel peaceful. Link here.

Infusion Center Massage
petency-building learning experience for therapists who want to engage with oncology clients in active treatment, and the clinical teams caring for them. Two and four-day program options offer therapists the benefit of selecting what suits their professional work objectives best. Converting to Live Online, please revisit for dates.

Aromatherapy in Health Care
Learn how, when and which essential oils to use for people who are in cancer treatment. Detailed and experiential, this class is research-based and in accordance with aromatherapy treatment protocols being used in clinical care settings. Please revisit for dates.

Practice-Based Internship I
Advanced program for therapists specializing in working with oncology clients/patients. Provides the opportunity for you to gain invaluable work-based experience, and develop your competencies and proficiency. Current covid hold.

Hospital-Based Massage Therapy
Work in an adult inpatient setting while refining the skills learned during your infusion center massage or pediatric inpatient massage training. This is an invaluable learning experience and will significantly develop your competencies. Current covid hold.

Presence at End of Life
Focus on what we can do, and be, with our hearts and minds that can make our work and our presence infinitely more valuable and connected as we serve those with life limiting illnesses. Link here.

Manual Lymph Drainage Certification
MLD techniques and treatment strategies for indications such as post-surgical edema, post-traumatic edema, fibromyalgia, general detoxification and other conditions, as well as to competently perform MLD on clients with mild, medically uncomplicated, primary or secondary lymphedema. Please revisit for dates.

Gentle Scar Tissue Mobilization Post-Mastectomy and Radiation
Learn how to address lingering chest wall tenderness/tightness, surgical or radiotherapy site adhesions, frozen shoulder, and/or range of motion restrictions that often result from breast cancer treatments such as mastectomy and/or radiation. Please revisit for dates.

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