Infusion Center Massage

Infusion Center Massage
Chemo Comfort Touch

Chemo Comfort Touch, Greet The Day’s Infusion Center Program, was started in August 2006. This program is provided at no charge to the patient.

During Chemo Comfort Touch, professionally licensed, oncology massage accredited therapists; massage therapists, estheticians, mani/pedi technicians, provide hand and foot massage for patients receiving chemotherapy in outpatient Infusion Centers.

Comforting massage provided onsite at the Infusion Center is a reminder that the body can find relief and comfort in spite of the anxiety, uncertainty and discomfort experienced during the routine course of treatment.


Greet The Day volunteers have provided Infusion Center Massage for more than 11,000 cancer patients.

Our goal is to do for Infusion Center Massage what we did for inpatient massage. Help it become part of standard care in cancer treatment.

Please help reach that goal by supporting this program

Infusion Center Massage, Patient Testimonial
John K., St. Joseph Hospital of Orange, California

I had the good fortune to have Ruth Mulligan provide me with infusion center foot massage during my recent chemo sessions at St. Joseph Hospital of Orange for base-of-tongue cancer. I didn’t know what to expect, but after the first session, I definitely wanted to make it part of every chemo day routine. I asked the nurse for atavan as a way to deal with anxiety, and that helped in its own way, but pharmaceutical products tend to take you away from yourself.

Ruth’s massage technique had a way of opening secret little doors of peace and strength inside me and I would later call upon my memory of the experience when I was strapped to the radiation table. A mask over my head was bolted to the table to keep my head immobile, which is a weird, claustrophobic experience.

Thinking back on the effects of the foot massages helped me center myself in a good place for the radiation sessions. I highly recommend oncology massage to others going through the challenging process of battling cancer.