Infusion Center Massage

What to bring to class

  • Your Foundation program workbook to refer to if you need a refresh on any of the primary clinical considerations reviewed during that program
  • 1 standard size bed pillow with pillow case
  • 1 medium size couch pillow
  • 1 soft and schnoozy blanket, any size from baby blanket to bed blanket
  • 2 bath towels, contrast colors, ideally with longish fibers approx 1/8 inch (also known as 3mm)
  • 1 pair of mid calf length socks
  • A few colored pens or pencils and/or highlight markers

What you do NOT need

  • You do not need to purchase one of the recommended lotions for the online segment of this class
  • You do not need a massage table for this class
  • You can but do not need to print out the module specific documents for class but you DO need to have easy access to them during class

Onsite Hands-On Supervision

Los Angeles based GTD Program Therapists are required to have a minimum of 3-hours onsite supervision. Onsite supervision can only be arranged after successful onboarding with the designated cancer center. Billable at $40 per hour, the supervision fee is payable to the supervising therapist.


We may not manage to get to everything during Modules 1-2-3

Specifically, the how-to of addressing Survivor Support Groups, Community Meetings and Journal Club presentations for Clinical Staff. In this pilot program we will do what we can and then, optional and depending on therapist interest, add additional modules as needed for what may still need to be addressed.

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