Foundation Program

Core curriculum necessity for estheticians and massage therapists working with clients in or with a history of cancer treatment. When you look at cancer statistics that means all licensed therapists, everywhere.

Your first step to safely working with oncology clients

Learn about the changing needs of oncology clients and prepare with knowledge and hands on skills to provide safe comforting therapeutic massage and skin care for people in or with a history of cancer.

Oncology Massage and Skin Care

Specialist Certificate

Your Goal

To build an oncology practice. To be recognized by community and clients as specializing in oncology massage and skin care. 

You Ask

As a spa or private practice therapist why should I do an Infusion Center class? Because these are the clients you will be working with in your practice and it is important that you understand what their treatment experience entails.

That Said

Time working in an infusion center setting is not appropriate for all therapists so if you need an alternate elective let us know.

Infusion Center Massage
  • Provide hand/foot massage for patients receiving treatment 
  • Competency-building practicum
Practice-Based Internship I
  • Gain experience
  • Build knowledge
  • Increase understanding
  • Advance competence
Aromatherapy in Health Care
  • How it helps
  • What to do
  • Ways to use
  • Precautions
  • Contraindications

Clinical Center Track

Your Goal

To work in a clinical center setting.

That Said

Starting up and managing patient programs for as long as we have we consistently see that therapists who successfully integrate into clinical center work have completed

100-hours of clinical track education
100-hours of hands on working experience

Practice Based Internship II
  • Learn to set up and implement an outpatient oncology massage program
  • Prepare for a leadership role in hospital-based integrative care
Inpatient Massage
  • Provide massage for hospitalized patients
  • Work as contributing team member in an inpatient setting