2-Day Oncology Massage Intro

Join us to learn about the massage modifications for one of the most frequently occurring long-term and late effects of cancer treatment.

Common with breast cancer treatment, lymphedema also occurs as a result of the medical treatment of other cancers such as colorectal, head/neck, prostate and ovarian cancer.

This course addresses the clinical and practical information that massage and skin care therapists have to know in order to knowledgeably provide safe and therapeutic massage and facials for people with a history of cancer treatment, many of whom have or are at risk of developing lymphedema.


Class Details

When and Where

January 25 – 26
9am to 6pm

Hoag Cancer Center, Newport Beach, CA


This course is offered to estheticians, massage therapists, RN and Nurse Aides, that are licensed or are close to completing their accredited licensing program.

Class Tuition

Early enrollment $110 per therapist or $285 for three therapists registered together. Early enrollment valid until January 5th. Standard enrollment $160 per therapist starting January 6th.

Therapists currently enrolled in their licensing program receive an additional $20 off the Early Enrollment class cost. On presentation of proof of current licensing course enrollment this refund will be reimbursed on the credit card used for original class fee payment.

Why is the class so cheap?

One in four people receive a cancer diagnosis and millions more live with the long-term side effects of cancer treatment, and we believe it is vitally important that therapists everywhere be aware of this important information. Greet The Day is a nonprofit organization and we do everything we can to make therapist education classes as affordable as possible.