Nurturing Well-Being Since 2003 

Improving quality of life for people affected by cancer through education and integrative oncology care.


Greet The Day programs are an essential part of integrative oncology care that speaks to the whole person living with cancer: body, mind and spirit.
Services include oncology massage, oncology skin care, and cost-free wellness programs such as yoga and spa retreats for people living with cancer.  Our education division provides advanced oncology education for care giving professionals


Greet The Day has provided over 21,000 complimentary oncology services, including infusion center and inpatient massage, oncology massage and skin care client clinics, spa day retreats and wellness sessions.

We offer patient program services at no charge to the recipient and are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization which accepts tax-deductible donations. Mission-related earned income from our professionally accredited education programs directly support oncology client programs.


Greet The Day was the idea of Scott Duncan, then-manager of Spa Gregorie’s Day Spa in Newport Beach, California. Inspired by a program offered by Dr. Stephen M. Krant from SK Clinic in La Jolla, Scott had a desire to start an outreach organization to help people within the cancer community. Working with his team of therapists, and advisement and support from Dr. James Waisman, Christine “Tinka” Hrountas MD, Dr. John Link from Breastlink, and Nandini Narayanan Velayudhan LCSW from Orange Coast Memorial Breast Center, the first Greet The Day program was offered at Spa Gregorie’s in 2003.

The success, strength and outreach of the program grew and, in 2005, Greet The Day became a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with Scott Duncan, Johnnette du Rand Kelly, Donna Thompson, and Dr. “Tinka” as the founding board of directors. Dr. Hrountas and du Rand Kelly led Greet The Day in a direction to bridge the gap between patient need and therapist skills. They worked with others in the oncology field to develop patient-service programs and professional training for therapists to be able to work with this medically sensitive clientele.

In addition to the inaugural spa based program introduced in 2003, Greet The Day programs have grown to include professional education (2005), now its own branch called the Institute of Integrative Oncology, infusion center massage (2006), adult inpatient massage (2010), integrative care programs such as yoga and meditation (2012), young adult inpatient massage (2014), and pediatric oncology massage (2014).

Greet The Day continues to have a strong tradition of volunteer and community support. Helping people affected by cancer live better, and feel their best, throughout their cancer journey, the Greet The Day team makes a significant contribution to integrative oncology care.

Nurturing Well-Being Since 2003 

Improving quality of life for people affected by cancer through education and integrative oncology care.